An Introduction to me

My name is Cassie. I go to the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona (duh). Over the past couple of weeks I have debated on putting my real name u and putting in personal information but I figure there’s no real harm doing so. I am a freshman. I’m 18. I live in the dorms and I’m in a sorority. I’d like to say I’m pretty funny but the majority of the time people laugh is because I say something stupid or something that makes no sense. This is always my least favorite part of a resume or interview or anything (i.e. recruitment), the part where they look at you and say describe yourself. What automatically comes to mind is that I’m 5’5, I’m the shortest person in my family and the youngest. Being the youngest did not mean I got babied it just meant I got blamed for everything my older siblings could pin on me. I went to a charter school for middle school. Hated it. Then went to a public school for high school and now I’m in college hoping to go on to medical school and become a heart surgeon. I have met some of the greatest people in my life in the past 5 months and I am beyond blessed to say that. Not only through my sorority but through my job working for the Medical Student Research Program at the University’s medical school. Most of whom share my love and passion for cats and other adorable things. The picture was actually taken at a fraternity’s philanthropy where they brought in local shelter dogs and kittens for adoption. I so badly wanted to take a kitten home but unfortunately I can’t have pets in my dorm. So I will just have to wait… maybe.